I decided to throw together a short list of podcasts I think are worth listening to for all you writers and creatives out there. It’s another wonderful way to discover information and see what others are doing. I’ll update as I discover more. Enjoy.


Creative Writing Career Podcast

The creative writing career podcast, hosted by Stephan Bugaj, Justin Sloan and Kevin Tumlinson, is one of the best out there for writers of any kind. Each week the guys interview a different guest who is kicking ass in some field of the writing business. You get your authors, your screenwriters, your video-game writers and more. There is something for everyone. Each new episode brings insider tips on how to become a success and “make your writing more than just a hobby, make it a career”. Hearing how these people have made it in the industry only serves as inspiration and motivation for you to do the same. Well worth a try for any writer.



Wordslinger Podcast

This one features Kevin Tumlinson hosting his own podcast. Each week brings a new interview with a person or people from a different creative field. While the majority are writers, he also features guests who are doing their thing in other creative industries. Kevin makes a great solo host, and the interviews are always entertaining and choc-full of information that is essential to any aspiring creative.



Self-Publishing Answers Podcast

This is another that features both Kevin Tumlinson and Justin Sloan, co-hosting with original host Nick Thacker. While the self-publishing answers podcast appears to have run its course (at least for now), the entire back-catalogue of episodes is still available to listen to. Each episode, through interviews or episodes where the guys just riff off each other, the podcast delivers insight into the world of self-publishing and how you or I can do it too. I would strongly recommend this podcast to any author considering self-publishing.



Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast

Another one that is recommended listening for anyone considering self-publishing, or already working their thing in the self-publishing world. Each episode, (currently releasing every second week), host Simon Whistler interviews someone who is making a living (or partly so) as a self-published author. Once again, the podcast is choc-full of fascinating and incredibly useful insider tips. The interviews are well conducted and well researched, which makes it an easy listen.



Welcome to Night Vale

While this podcast is not related to craft, and is not of the non-fiction variety like those above, there is no denying that the brains behind this operation have done incredibly well for themselves in the writing world. Welcome to Night Vale shows how you can turn writing and creativity into a successful podcast. A thoroughly entertaining listen (at least for this Irish Nerd).




Once again, Serial is not directly related to craft. However, the This American Life spin-off is a showcase in consecutive, episodic storytelling. Each season follows a different, real-life story and sees host Sarah Koenig investigate and gradually unveil the case the season is focusing on. For those interested in non-fiction, historical or documentary style work, Serial is worth a try.